What we do

You are at Metrinomics – where the customer is!

We are a technology company in the area of Customer Experience, or in our words, Subjective Quality, experienced by customers in a real-world environment. We build comprehensive CX measurement networks for our clients, integrate them and support them in the day-to-day workflow.

Year by year we invest 20% of our revenues in Product Development, to turn learnings into solutions for data collection, decoding, analytics, and dashboarding.

Metrinomics’ special topic ever has been the customer view. We have helped make the analytics of customer interaction a workable science. For this reason we have been sought for advice and program support in the areas of quality, customer service, product development, strategies and brand development.

As software engineers, we have created practical technologies that enable us to turn customer experience policies into a vastly automated data flow. As a platform supplier, we have equipped many people at the customer interface with the customer view, down to the point of action. As consultants, we take the lead in creating the logical business core and the most critical information body.

We pride ourselves to provide reliable guidance in day-to-day and strategic questions to all employee and management levels in our customer organizations. As a cloud supplier, Metrinomics sells software and consulting services and acts in certain cases as managed services partner.