About us

Metrinomics is an independent engineering company in the area of customer experience. We provide with Metrivox an adaptable process management platform as a cloud solution. Metrivox is being used in more than 50 countries, and we support our clients in more than 20 languages. Our solutions typically are customized applications of standard tools, either our own or the ones of third parties.

Metrinomics is a specialist for Subjective Quality. You may call it Customer Experience or Satisfaction, you may use an index like NPS – you always talk about Perception. Perception drives decisions, and buying decisions move the markets. We transform these ‘soft’ relations into hard facts. We select and collect the information, drive analytics and machine learning, feed the motor of action and measure success. Our algorithms are the fertilizer for all kinds of supplier-customer interaction.

Our technology is mathematics, but our focus is on action. We stand for closing the loop and making it happen. For this, we supply our customer experience platform Metrivox, that assembles all the tools and integrates all the data channels. We apply our technology in different business areas. Please feel invited to discover which of our topics may hold options and possibilities also for you.

Please choose your area of interest:

The Brand as Experience

A knowledge or experience economy, the way we think in Customer Experience, leads to a shift in thinking in all business departments. It is especially important for the manufacturer or supplier to look at themselves through the eyes of the customer. This requires cross-departmental thinking. Where is the customer currently positioned, along the customer journey? Where were they before? Where are they heading to from here?

Marketing or Customer Experience

Marketing and Customer Experience have basically the same interests, but the objectives may ultimately be different. If you define a successful customer journey as a signature on the dotted line, then you can identify which point of the experience perception had the most significant impact. This insight is invaluable for marketing because it can determine the priorities and where to focus.

The experience is the product

And the customer is the producer.

For a lot of products, the experience with the product IS the product. It it’s the same for package holidays as it is for a phone app, a restaurant visit or a musical greetings card. To manage the situations in which these experiences occur, providers traditionally talk about departments, delivery change, customer service, developing technology and new procedures.

Aiming for sturdiness

Customer Experience programs need a strategic goal with respect to the customer. For a long time, customer satisfaction was popular, and was used to address the customer’s attitude. Alternatively, there was the Net Promoter Score which provided a center point for communication. We also tried again and again, to address loyalty, because it would enable us to determine the client’s real behavior as a reference value.