A small Gaulish village….

Mobile operators lose a quarter to a third of their customers every year. This is an international phenomenon and providers don’t like talking about it. If you talk to an account manager who is affected by this, you mostly get the answer: “we profit just as much from it because our competitors also lose as many customers”. I can never understand this point of view. Wouldn’t it be more profitable to stop customers moving away than to go to the expense of pursuing new customers. Everyone says yes, but the behavior of mobile operators says no.

Part of the family

We all have our favourite brands. These are closer to us than all the other mostly uninteresting ones. A product and brand are able to direct how far consumers identify with them. One variable could be “you are an important part of my life” or even better “you are part of my extended family” or with a direct identification “I am me because you’re there with me”.