What impact does the Internet have on the customer? Can it help to retain them? Do they run away faster? Is interaction easier? Is it too complex? There is great uncertainty everywhere! How can I understand – as a brand manager – what it means for me?

It always helps to simplify things. What will still be part of the customer journey in 20 years-time? Certainly the start – the search for a product – and the end, when the product has been scrapped. In between, there will always be certain practical steps, e.g., provider comparison, price comparison, purchase, use, problems and their solutions. Once you’ve got the basic frame of the journey sorted, then you can work on wherever you might have gaps. This means, it’s not about how this affects me and which threats I am exposed to. It is more important to ask which new freedoms are available to me and how I can best make use of them.

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