A lot of initiatives aimed at activating and surveying customers fail because they actually fear them. Sometimes a bad conscience pervades. Small and easily solvable mistakes, might become public. It’s unclear which direction the customer is coming from, and how much they actually know, when they reply; especially if they have never been asked anything by you before. The mood will range between supporter and opponent.

The situation becomes more relaxing when this initial hurdle is overcome, and the first results come in. Like everywhere, there are areas of light and shadow in the customer’s perspective. The shadows are to be expected, but light is actually surprising. But attitudes towards feedback are changing.

So problems are tackled and solved! The customer takes it seriously and reacts positively. We become inspired. There is a real drive to improve things. A company learns to view a problem as potential to improve.

It is a really good way to continuously reduce problem situations. But suddenly, there are points missing to excite customers. The customer relationship has become straightforward and it is able to continue without any big engagement and the distance increases. For the customers, problems with other suppliers move to the fore. All of a sudden, it goes down. The best time with customers was when there were problems.