What is the best way of measuring quality from the perspective of our customers? The story of customer indices is a long one: Six Sigma, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer value and now Net Promoter Score – what have we learnt?

  1. The attitude and behaviour of customers differ significantly. Recommendations are often used as an example, but only 10% of customers who make this statement actually go through with it.
  2. An index must be clear and easy to comprehend. Only then can they consistently serve as an instructive tool. An negative example of this is Six Sigma; you need special training to be able to work with this index.
  3. The index must be relevant for business results. A high customer satisfaction doesn’t necessarily prevent customers from leaving and therefore losing business potential.

There are two other important aspects for digital customer experience: (a) the index must be depicted in a network and (b) it should not measure the quality of the customer experience policy, but its results, customer activation.

The index of the future for measuring customer experience is “degree of activation”.