The age of digitization is the age of individualization. The mass market was yesterday. We are not talking about products here. Mass products are still on the rise. We are talking about the customer relationship rather than communication with the customer; the accompanying service that first makes a product marketable.

The change in the discussion about the customer journey is down to a shift in the way the customer relationship is viewed. The customer relationship is more valuable than the sale of a product. The loss of the customer relationship weighs heavier than the loss of a job. We start seeing the customer with a more long-term view.

This can only work if customers themselves become benchmarks or can make their own benchmark. Who does the customer do this with, we ask ourselves? According to our expectations, we rank the customer in first place, with the service provider positioned at no.57 in the queue. The question is therefore: How do we instill the feeling in all of our customers that they all individually occupy the top place? The answer lies in the digitization of the customer journey.