Let’s do a test. How many recent Nobel Prize winners could you name? How many of the five richest people? How many “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here” winners? Remember the number.

Now think about how many teachers you can remember who helped you? How many friends helped you in a difficult life situation? How many people have made you feel special? If you subtract from this second number the sum of the first group the result will be positive, probably.

Our lives are not shaped by the big names, but rather by teachers who make an effort for us and are on our side. This is the heart of customer experience. A company’s size or fame is not relevant. Customer experience deals with the impression we give our customers.

Every company can do it and size doesn’t matter. It happens every day. Wanted or unwanted, our customers have experiences with us.

Customer experience management means we consciously approach customers, to help them and take their side when difficult situations occur. It means making the customer feel special. And that, in the end, is all it actually is.