And the customer is the producer.

For a lot of products, the experience with the product IS the product. It it’s the same for package holidays as it is for a phone app, a restaurant visit or a musical greetings card. To manage the situations in which these experiences occur, providers traditionally talk about departments, delivery change, customer service, developing technology and new procedures.

Lately however, more and more information is available and makes it possible for the customer to understand the experience. This helps my colleagues and employees to customize a service and also provides the opportunity to actively involve my customers in the decision-making process. The customer therefore takes up the role of a producer, precisely at the point at which they allow their customer experience to be individualized.

This also means that a quality conception can only apply the subjective quality impression of the customer. Quality perception is crucial, in a time of customer experience, for processes to run smoothly. Successful companies in the future will be at the front line of process performance, no matter what the product is that they actually sell. The reason behind their success will be that they give their customers a decisive proxy role. The experience is the product and it produces the customer.