You can see customer experience as a type of inbound marketing. “The customer” gives an impression of how they feel as a customer. Marketing closes the loop and adjusts the communication with the customer while it reacts to analysis about the “customer feeling”.

Today, you can only close this loop when management decides to do it consciously. In businesses that are involved in digital transformation, the loop is always there. That is one of the basic ideas of digital transformation.

In the past, customers and the providers were decoupled and the customer existed independently to the provider. In the world of digital transformation it is not the case anymore. The typical relationship to the customer is based on interaction that extends more and more about through product lifecycles and thereby the customers. With the Internet of Things (IoT) products will undertake this interaction. The customer is only tasked with using it.

In the future, when all appliances in the household are talking with the provider and the customer is just the user, then you have to re-define the term “democracy”.