Yesterday was another system 2 day. You couldn’t really settle down and just stumbled from station to station. You just about got through it. Everything just went over your head. Luckily, today – system 1. Well slept, quick decisions, everything in order, reaching out to people.

Personally, I think it’s a shame that not every day is a system 1 day. All the same, how the day goes is in my own hands. You can push against things sometimes.

This is what happened with the poor O2 customer service agent, who suddenly hung up on me – I almost exploded. Something was still missing. He was in luck, the poor thing, that I had an open ear.

You can call these fast days and slow days, the gut days and the head days, the emotional ones and the logical ones, the thoughtful ones and the stereotypical ones; we all know them.

Daniel Kahnemann, the older ones among us will know who he is, received the Nobel prize for economics for his theory about these two phenomena. A lot of wisdom is contained in these two theories.

You should remember from time to time; whoever works in customer services, or in a position in which the customer hears directly, what you say, the employee should heed what the customer says, for their and the customer’s sake.

For those who work in developing services, this should be one of the basics. You really don’t satisfy people if you don’t differentiate between these two sides of our thinking.