Can a supplier see themselves as the customer sees them? The customer and supplier are two sides of the same coin. To succeed in understanding the point of view of the customer takes great effort. To speak the language of the customer is an even higher wish than to be able to see through their eyes. One necessitates the other. On the other hand one also enables the other.

After drafting the customer journey from the point of view of the customer, the next task is to break the perception down for the individual stations. What words does the customer use, when talking about the stations of the customer journey? Which aspects drive their perception? In which situation? In which context?

Listening is more important than speaking. Marketing can also benefit from this. Communication can only work if you talk to the customer on their own wavelength. The correct way of communicating is in turn, a precondition for designing a positive customer experience.

Every Contact Center would have unlimited material to fuel this process. Touch wood, more and more companies will realize what a treasure awaits them.