On a business trip in Brazil, I woke up one day and saw on the display of my mobile phone a message from my provider:

‘In our company the customer is the boss! Our customers work together with us and we react immediately. Try it. Here is the link to our Messenger for your message to us.’

And all this before breakfast! Why not test it just for fun? My message to the Messenger: ‘I’m hungry”’

The provider’s answer came back a second later:

  • Subject: Service fault
  • Problem: default in delivery
  • Type of problem: No network
  • Location: Hotel Othon
  • Action: Inform the reception
  • Execution: We sent reception an email
  • How do you found this? Please, send us a message.

I hadn’t really taken it in and then the telephone rang. Room service wanted to bring breakfast to the room. It was already on its way and I didn’t have chance to say no. Uff! 18 Euro was blown and this before the breakfast. They were quicker than me this morning.