The term ‘experience’ always resonates a strong emotional component. To understand this emotion and classify it properly, an entirely new discipline has emerged. You can apply semantic, physical or structural analysis to it, but in the end it is more important to ask, where can I encounter emotional contact with the customer? This therefore necessitates looking again at the call center.

Call centers are the most underrated divisions in the company. They are generally treated as one among many touch points with customers. However, their significance for the entire Customer Journey is drastically underestimated. The experience of direct contact, as sought by the customer, colors the view of the entire business relationship. For the customer contact experience there are three dimensions: content, quality and emotion. Until now, call center ratings have mainly focused on quality. The other two components; content and emotion have been swept under the carpet, but to do this is a mistake as they are invaluable assets for customer experience management.

Emotional Voice Streams (EVS) is a technology that allows the sound of the words to be made visible. The word ‘save’, in one case can have a positive tone, but a negative one in another context. The particular tone of an interview in a concrete case has a significant influence on the conversation. And so too for the customer experience, and therefore the progress and success of the customer relationship as a whole.