Whether or not customer experience is planned, at the end of the day the impression still remains with the customer. Therefore, it’s better to plan and to set defined values for what the customer will experience. The alternative would be to just sit back and see what happens. You should certainly make the most of your company’s potential. But why exactly?

Is there a better chance of impressing the customer at the moment when they themselves are active? I am a supporter of intentional experience development. This is related to the idea that the customer is always better placed but, paradoxically, at the same time always detached. Like it or not, this customer service is always a part of the show. It remains an impression.

Where there is always a show, there is room for drama. And drama is exactly this: intentional experience development – in this case, with the objective of binding the customer. Most experience with customer journeys has shown that the emotional side of the contact has a much stronger impact than the initial subject that is was about in the beginning.