We all have our favourite brands. These are closer to us than all the other mostly uninteresting ones. A product and brand are able to direct how far consumers identify with them. One variable could be “you are an important part of my life” or even better “you are part of my extended family” or with a direct identification “I am me because you’re there with me”.

This is linked with loyalty and also power to demand a certain price. But how can you reach such a position in the life of the customer? Everyone can do it in the digital world.

In the future, permission will be the key to winning loyal customers. This door needs to be opened for you. You have to become part of the target group’s family, or at least a part of their daily life.

The question will not be, that you can win customers by pursuing permission. The right question is: What are the characteristics of the customer that I want to win and how should I try and open the door for them? This is an important objective of customer experience management.