People sometimes confuse customer experience management for customer service. This is not always good for customer service.

For the purposes of improving customer experience, customer service will not optimize itself. The customer can arrive at customer service via different routes and with different intentions. Accordingly, it may be that the contact at that moment occupies a key position in the customer relationship. In another case, it is possible that the contact with the customer service was based on a pure misunderstanding.

To optimize customer service, it is equally important to know (or even control) the customer’s next station along the customer journey. This is something quite different from the way in which this contact situation can be shared by sales, product development or marketing.

The customer does not view customer service in isolation. It is just one of many points of interaction between the customer and organization. Customer service is just one station, within the customer journey. You can only improve customer service if you shift the focus from optimizing a situation, to optimizing the path.