We ask our customers again how satisfied they are with our omnichannel service. You first need to explain to them what this is. Even then, they will find it difficult to get excited about it as omnichannel hasn’t got anything to do with them. However little a customer considers departmental boundaries, they think even less about channel boundaries.

The hype around omnichannel is the opposite of customer orientation. It is a consolidation of silo-thinking, and silo-thinking is what prevents sustainable customer orientation. The Omnichannel concept cements this bad state of affairs. Omnichannel is a technical concept which is fed by the interests of the platform provider. At best, it has work processes in mind, but the customer is just a pawn.

Customer orientation is different. Customer orientation gives power to the customer to complete the customer journey, as a trigger for communication and processes. It requires a horizontal data structure, oriented along a timeline. Being able to organize and think in vertical structures however, is a big competitive advantage and we can assume that we will have forgotten about omnichannel in 5 years time.