… is his hand, but on the microphone. She had already wondered, in Sydney Carter’s old country song about the thief who stole the young girl’s song and became a Tin Pan Alley star. I imagine the open source initiative for machine learning of big cloud providers, like Google or IBM, to be somewhat similar.

We ourselves think we have excellent learning algorithms, but now other providers are putting this technology on the web for free! However, what the big companies have given away, may not quite be the same. Our algorithms have been proved countless times, in practical use. They have become specialised as a result of training over the years. Until now, I was not aware that the algorithm’s real value is in this training.

We are going through times of the birth of future “smart machines”, and we are supposed to work at feeding them with real life data, to teach the small rascals the basics. Whoever learns the basics quickest, will be ahead of the crowd. Tin Pan Alley says hi. In alteration of the advice of Sydney Carter: “be careful of your data files; that’s all they want today.”