Who is the fairest of them all? To get feedback, it is best to ask my customers directly. This happens in Germany umpteen thousand times a day but again and again, businesses complain that the willingness of customers to participate in surveys is low. Should this really be a surprise?

Most customer questionnaires don’t actually have anything to do with the customers . One classic supplier question will ask: ‘how good do you think I am?”, of course this question varies according to friendliness, competence, speed etc. Suppliers are also keen to find out about their rivals (‘how good do you think my competitor is compared to me?’). The customer however, who is actually the subject of the survey, remains on the sidelines with such questions. The customer is used only as a mirror, a reflective wall, an object. Demands are made on the customer, but the supplier reaps the rewards. No wonder Homo Economicus steers clear.

Are customers interested in an exchange about the performance that they have received? Sometimes yes, if it is important enough to them, or the supplier gives them the feeling that it is worth their while. It’s just narcissism on the part of the suppliers, and as the customer, I’ve got nothing in return. All they do is confirm that it has little to do with me. Consequently, this type of customer survey has a negative impact on customer experience.