How do I best arrange my customer contacts? Standardized for brand and processes, or open, in order to strengthen the human touch? The focus between the two poles is always moving. Under the spotlight of customer experience, such questions gain an added dimension; the customer journey.

A McKinsey study has found that more than half of all customer contacts in customer service have a multi-stage or multi-channel character. Where was the customer previously? What have they done since? How did they get to where they are now? Such questions are relevant to the perception of service quality.

Can you automate the answers? Well, you will certainly find a pattern. But these patterns are subject to constant changes along with the development of the technology and behavioral patterns. It is a better investment to educate service teams. It is about the motives and experiences during the customer journey. How can I picture this as, as a service employee? Often, it is not about the solution at all but rather the interest and empathy. The words ‘Customer Experience’ have a tendency to generate a strong emotional response.