The biggest problem with all large companies is their own gravity. A company’s gravity pulls all eyes to look inwards, with only a few taking a look outwards. For most employees, this is the daily reality.

The topics among colleagues are much more about the colleagues themselves, management decisions, or whatever is on the grapevine. The larger the organisation, the more it tends to establish its own reality, and there is little the individual employee can do to reject it. CEOs desperately fight against it, but few of them have as yet, found a good recipe.

There is only one way to fight a company’s gravitational pull and this is to give customers greater visibility in the company reality. The bigger the perception of the customers, the bigger their influence on daily operations, the lower the impact on the gravity of the company.

Identifying how much visibility customers have, is a good indicator for the size of the gravitational pull. What percentage of employees and colleagues are regularly confronted with what costumers are saying and thinking. This value subtracted from 100 produces a gravity score. In many large companies, this score is around 90 to 95. These are good conditions for healthy gravity.

However, modern technology offers new ways of getting this gravity under control. One of these methods is the Metrinomics Customer News Screen: an ongoing flow of information that everyone can see and understand.

The customer is suddenly at the desk and is offering to have a say in decisions about services, products, communication or strategies.