A world of buyers in which customer experience is the focus, it is only efficient and profitable if the customer takes an active role. Customer Experience as a change of perspective in business requires customers to both understand this and to also allow themselves to play an active role.

The so-called “Generation Y” is the first generation to grow up with mobile communication and the Internet. What influence does that have on your expectations and your purchase behavior?

The central difference is certainly in what I would describe as information logistics. But probably even more important is the pronounced way in which Generation Y thinks in terms of processes. A purchase, even of smaller things is an information process. For the purchase process itself, transparency and consistency is expected, as is full control over the payment process, and of course the extradition is a part of the purchase.

Working with customers, who mostly act autonomously, this will have an inevitable affect on customer experience, as their expectations are different. A segmentation of customers, based on their behavior is the precondition to being able to adapt elastically to these requirements.