In the Customer Service area, emotional calls aren’t very fashionable because everyone knows that in the customer relationship, emotions are usually negative. Accordingly, service can also sometimes be unemotional. However, this point-of-view should be viewed critically.

Loyalty lives from emotion. The worst customers are unemotional ones. Even an angry customer would be preferable. But how can I benefit from this anger? By showing what a good partner I am, I can eliminate the cause of the anger. What then remains is a positive experience and one that is significantly emotionally charged. This helps to strengthen the measurable loyalty of customers. The most satisfied customers are not the ones with the fewest problems, they are in fact those who have had a problem that has been competently solved.

Thus, the objective should not be to work perfectly and error-free when trying to solve these problems. Rather, the aim is to be a good problem solver. A perfectionist will feel that any complaint is a fault, but a problem solver treats them as an opportunity.

The CEO should only sleep peacefully if the customer shows their emotions. If the customer is quiet, it is time to wake up.