Stay human and make the customer’s life easy! This is certainly the most important principle of good customer experience. To do this, you don’t need a sophisticated customer experience program – in fact, that would be laughed at. Customer experience has always existed, but it is only recently that it has been looked at more closely. Every trader that ever lived would have experienced or suffered from it, sometimes without knowing what is happening to them.

The most important thing for customer experience is the line of sight. It is not always easy to make the customer’s life easy. You first need to understand the customer and the way they see things. So, how can you overcome this barrier?

Maintaining communication and interaction with the customer is certainly the key. Listen, talk to them, listen again and react. In addition, three things are most important: handle every customer with human contact, reward loyalty and look after the details. This is actually exactly what every mom and pop shop, that has led the way, does.

So, nothing new? Not really! We just need to digitize and scale. Well, that could take a little while.