As long as my customers have to go through the door to enter my shop, they leave an impression, even if they leave without having bought anything from me. In my online store, however, I only find traces of data, which tells me little about the visitors themselves, or their motivations. What is their impression of my site? Why did they go again? Where to? What were they looking for anyway?

Why not just ask customers? Especially for small shops this can be a simple and cost-effective action to take. Doing a survey will also produce a score, which can tell me whether customer experience is improving over time.

However, surveys have – and above all the answers – always had potential for confusion. If the question is not well posed, the answers raise a world of doubt. For a good survey, the principle applies: It must be designed from back to front. I have to keep in mind the answers before I can formulate the right questions. This seems paradoxical, because I want to get answers through the survey, but it is the only method that means I will get answers, rather than new questions.