Select Result pool

First, the user needs to select the study he is interestedin. One of the studies will be preselected for
analyze-picture-1him based on the project he is connected with.In this section, the user can also check who was the owner of the study, what was the fielding period, and how many respondents participated in the survey. It is also possible to sort the surveys by name, last run,  a number of respondents and survey type. To analyze the results select Next or Analyse survey application.


aaaaaaaaaaThe first chart which is preselected for the user is the Dashboard. The user will find overall information of the results including todos, strengths, and weaknesses.It is also possible to filter the chart by selecting filter button and to save the filter settings.The filter settings will be saved in Your own filter section.

Analyse KPIs

Definable KPIs- After selecting “Next” in the Dashboard section the user will land in the Definable
analyze-picture-3333 KPIs section. This section includes results for all rating questions included in your survey selection.

Overall Analysis

After selecting “Next” in the Definable KPIs section the user will land in the Overall Analysis section.
alalysis-444Overall Analysis includes the detailed results for ALL questions included in your questionnaire. The user can also select his own filter settings in case he already saved them before.