Say it to Silvie

Customer knocks himself out!

On a business trip in Brazil, I woke up one day and saw on the display of my mobile phone a message from my hotel:

‘Good morning, this is SILVIE, your mobile messenger! Our philosophy is, the customer is the boss! Our guests work together with us and we react immediately. Try it. I will pass it on to the right person. Say it to SILVIE!’

And all this before even taking a shower! But why not test it just for fun? My message to SILVIE: ‘I’m hungry!’

The hotel`s answer came back a second later:

  • Subject: Service fault
  • Problem: default in delivery
  • Type of problem: process interruption
  • Location: Room 1334
  • Action: Information to the reception
  • Execution: We sent an order to the kitchen
  • How do you find this service? Please, say it to SILVIE!

I had not really taken it in and thought about what to write back, when the telephone rang. Room Service announced to bring breakfast to the room. It was already on its way and I didn’t have a chance to say no.

Gosh! 18 Dollars blown, and this within the first five minutes of the new day! There was something that was faster than me this morning, and I cannot get rid of the feeling that it was somehow myself.

Our SILVIE-LOGIC is a sensor technology.

We supply sensors that

  • can interact with customers/users and
  • are adaptable to changing conditions.

Sensors have a heart of rules that can be applied and combined in an individual way, to transform the flow of data into a flow of personalized action.

SILVIE comes as an SaaS solution with an open API to integrate it in any kind of data flow of CRM or automated marketing.

More technical details are available in a white paper that you can load down here.

Or feel free to contact me directly:

Maciej Lebedowicz