Customers in a digitized world will not be different kinds of people. Similar things will cause them to be delighted or frustrated, as is the case today. However, they will have a new role, and will become active partners in their interaction with suppliers. They will find a new service world that is better adaptable to individual needs in specific situations. Only the expectations will be different.

With all the improvement and perfection of customer experience management, there is one element that is the reason for constant decay of all subjective quality systems – adapting expectations. Once a new kind of quality has delighted its first users and customers, once this source of delight has been deployed to all others, its delight potential is reduced to zero and it becomes part of the ‘normal´’ expectation package.

With all the changes of ‘quality’ in a digitized world, one of its core challenges does not go away: Just as in physics where all order is destroyed by entropy, in customer experience management, all ‘quality’ is destroyed by creating rising expectations.