The customer journey as a reference implies an inventory of questions that can be asked with relation to the different contact points during interaction. It also implies a certain data structure that has to do with the kind of touchpoint on the horizontal customer journey, as well as with the responsibility for this touchpoint in one of the verticals.

Last but not least, the customer, on their journey across vertical departments, is a common point of reference. Therefore, it is in the interest of everyone to have rules for interviewing, thereby avoiding harm to the customer relationship. Interviewing must be centrally regulated. We work with a number of golden rules for customer interviewing that have to be part of governance system.

However, customer interviewing is no longer what it was in the past. In-depth customer interviews of the old kind are still being conducted, but interviewing can be reduced to a single question that requires just a few seconds to answer.

We must distinguish between active and passive feedback, from the customer point of view. Most feedback is passive, or triggered.

However, at the same time, customers are discovering more and more options to quickly say something, whenever they feel like it. They may have access to a button, an app, a link that opens a text or speech window. Today an interview may consist of feedback of any kind, linked to a point along the customer journey. A piece of feedback may be either actively or passively initiated. It may consist of only one topic or of a chain of topics.