In CX, the customer journey is a central concept. It follows the course of interaction. The idea that the relationship with a customer cannot be described by the transactional process alone, but is part of a process of interaction, brings a new view of business to the table: The picture of consumer as passive follower does not exist anymore. The new picture of a customer is one of working hand in hand with them to make the transaction create the best value. Optimizing logistics, collaborating with regard to payment and information updating, providing feedback and using customer service…. The time when it made sense to look at customer relationships as transactional is definitely over. All to the contrary – the analytical view over customer feedback for many products and services across countries and customers reveals that 80% of the topics are not related to the product, but to the process of interaction. From that point of view, quality – from customer point of view – is basically process quality. The similarities in how process quality is experienced by customers across industries and countries is surprising.

To create a customer journey for your own customers is a process that is difficult to manage from the internal view of a supplier. The difference between supplier and customer is that while a supplier has a lot of data and a detailed perception, customers have only a limited view of what they purchase. Whereas a supplier is a supplier to 100%, customers are only ‘part time’ – they have many other things to care about.