It is important to keep in mind that any product unfolds its value in usage. To track quality in usage is the most difficult task. Close to the purchasing process, supplier and customer have intense contact, later, in times of usage, it runs thin. There are still complaints and maintenance cases, but the big majority of users keep silent.

The customer-centric company has sensors placed along the length of the usage phases. It may seem to be difficult to imagine, but we need to consider that the new culture goes along with a shift in mindset. Whereas traditional websites are full of information but poor on listening, in a customer-centric company, the website will largely be a listening one, with content, which customers configure.

The old idea of ‘interviews’ and ‘feedback’ as something special disappears, because interaction also includes communication. Feedback comes in all forms, across all channels, and customers use feedback to get the process corrected where they see a necessity.