SUQ – an extension to Real-User-Monitoring

Real-User-Monitoring (RUM) as the technology is also known is a passive monitoring solution that keeps track of every interaction with a website or cloud-based application. The data collected during the monitoring process is the real usage data obtained from an end-user’s browser.

As a technical measure, Real-User Monitoring (RUM) definitely crosses the Rubicon that generally divides a network and its users. Classical network quality management takes the technical view and measures performance in terms of ‘flawlessness’, the absence of barriers. RUM however engages ‘real’ people to use the network in standardised way, by which usage-related data can be collected, and even subjective impressions in the usage context.


Real-User monitoring is apparently not from the end-users but from test users. These are paid users which act like an end-user but in reality they are not the ones which interpret the real feedback. Hence the quality of experience gathered during this process can’t be solely relied upon, because the real-life context is missing.  This kind of context however frequently colours the user’s experience significantly.


Metrinomics helps to close this loop by providing the situational based solution. Constructing different customer experience KPIs will help us to extract the core data(usage behaviour data to feed into preventive operation models) all this is done at the right time of the day irrespective of location and requirements. An additional advantage of RUM is its geographical reach throughout the globe, modification and KPI interaction with performance versification.