‘Optimized Offering’ in network operations

User Sensitive Networks are the future of Customer Experience in Telecom and IT

Measuring SUQ (Subjective User Quality) sets ground for a significant reduction of OPEX. Where traditional quality measures strive for an optimum of technical performance, SUQ aims at optimising perceived performance. Technical perfection has always been a long term objective. The expectation behind this objective is that user experience is higher when smooth processes avoid all kinds of frictions and bottlenecks. However, since technical perfection becomes more and more a reality, the respective effect on customer experience does not turn out. At the end of a history of investments into quality, network managers are left clueless, comparing their QoE and RUM indicators with what real users report.


More than that, it shows that most of the technical KPIs that are created and monitored, have no effect at all on how users, subscribers, or customers perceive what they get. The most puzzling effect of this bias is that users often are satisfied with network performance where network management systems detect flaws.

Metrinomics systematically measures the difference between technical and required performance, analysing usage, perception, and behaviour patterns in the background. The resulting mathematical models are being used to predict the demand and network usage for the nearest future, along with subjective quality criteria of their users.

In making this information available for Network Management Systems, the Metrinomics SUQ system supports a network policy that is optimised for Subjective Quality, and especially for the subjective quality aspects that drive customer behaviour, with a focus on the robustness of long term business relations. As in most instances, subjective quality is inferior to technical perfection, the resulting effect is a reduction of OPEX, at the same time when the quality perception on the users side is at the highest possible point.


Metrinomics conceives and installs Systems of Optimised Offerings in telecom and IT networks. The solution connects information, using adaptive math to explain customer loyalty; implements feedback sources and shapes them into one consistent model landscape; anticipates user requirements and generates action chains and produces real time dashboarding. Metrinomics takes responsibility for the success logic, the integration of the data streams from different sources and makes the results available to systems and experts at the different levels of the organisation.