Measuring ‘Subjective Network Quality’

Measuring and managing technical network quality has lead to networks that by their KPIs are close to perfect. However, the user and customer has a different view. This view is simplified, has an emotional touch and depends on situational context.

Measuring and managing Subjective Network Quality is at the core of the competence of Metrinomics. We understand technical parameters and their importance for network performance. However we are specialists for the external view on networks, sitting on the users’ laps. We use mathematical models to analyse the data and supply results in real time, to enrich technical KPIs with the subjective bias and a root cause analysis for steering action to solve problems with customers, where they come up.

We design, implement, execute and support customer experience programs C2B2B along the user-carrier-equipment chain. We take the customer view to measure the (subjective, perceived) quality of products and services, analyze the success drivers and generate action and communication triggers in real time. We technically connect ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’ KPIs to fully integrate customers in an interaction loop with their suppliers.