Telecommunication industry

Worldwide executive feedback program for leading telecommunication supplier with development of value metrics

The program targets all major operators worldwide and combines a systematic tracking system and a deep drill approach. Interviews are conducted F2F, by phone and online.

Program length and scope: 9 years, 85 countries, 20 languages

The program includes

  • customer feedback
  • analysis
  • strategic business studies including feedback from strategic and operational areas (Management levels 1 to 5)
  • Supporting the deployment plans for action items and follow up

Our tasks included…

  • developing a modular feedback questionnaire for all Business Units
  • reducing 14 existing “self-made” surveys into a single business logic
  • creating a unique question bank with quality “Golden Rules”
  • index development, quality assurance, performance tracking
  • developing a self-service tool for creating, running surveys, analysing and publishing results
  • conducting F2F, phone, and online interviews
  • preparing reports, newsletters, blog entries and monthly dashboards
  • deriving improvement actions