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Electronics industry

Our customer oriented their business on three key factors:

  1. customer satisfaction
  2. employee satisfaction
  3. cash flow

Metrinomics set up a worldwide Customer Satisfaction program for 7 company

  • Program length and scope: 7 years, >50 countries, 19 languages
  • End to end ownership of program layout and execution
  • 6 Sigma KPIs generation
  • Supervision of action plans to close the loop
  • The new management style with the customer in the center has achieved substantial efficiency gains, a significant rise in customer loyalty and subsequent gains in profitability, to become the most profitable company worldwide.

Our tasks included…

  • developing a quality measuring questionnaire and analytical methodology
  • adapting the questionnaire to different countries and businesses
  • creating information material for the stakeholder groups
  • running the customer interviews
  • generating performance indicators (6 Sigma)
  • deriving areas for improvement
  • conducting result workshops with local teams