Text Analytics – Text Classification

One of the main areas of our platform works largely with text analytics. For spoken text, incoming mail, messages, tweets or survey results – TAC transcribes and analyzes text in real time to classify content, topic, touchpoint, problem. To enhance the precision of problem analysis, TAC is able to integrate contextual data, where available, connecting with CRM, ERP, BSS and OSS data.

In a customer feedback survey, the handling of verbatim  is a great value added, as it helps to contextualize the customer ratings and to make the action setting more efficient.

With our Text Analytics and Classification module, you can hear the “customer voice” directly, read customer statements in real time, and dive deep into feedback about solutions, services and competitors. Word clouds, keyword searches and sorting functionalities facilitate the intuitive handling of big amounts of text.

The focus of this technology is:

  • Storytelling
    Our text results are organized in a structure that supports the flow of stories. The structural analysis guides story creation. Stories are edited and published.
  • Classification systems
    Understanding context enables a system to classify text and make it usable for quantitative analysis, but classification must also work in an operative data flow.
  • Text drilldown
    Platform technologies organize text in such a way that it supports the individual user and reader.
  • Pattern change warnings
    Significant changes in the patterns of a text flow are tracked, and as soon as they are identified, their effect on the whole analysis structure is analyzed.