Touchpoint Activator

We differentiate between active and passive feedback. Active feedback is every opinion voiced by a customer to us on his/her own initiative. This may include text messages (SMS), e-mails, calls, etc. In order to combine active and passive (survey-based) feedback, the content needs to be allocated to a touchpoint and linked to the survey. This is done by our Active Feedback Module. It can be used universally; either locally on a website or on printed materials, letters, e-mails, etc.

For passive feedback we offer a module which enables the survey to be designed and carried out as part of operational day-to-day business. It is based on the “customer journey” survey and touchpoints, but expands it to the operative level (e.g. for service cases). This results in a meta questionnaire, containing a question pool that can be used to set up surveys which will be conducted, analyzed and automatically reported.

This enables standard questionnaires to be defined, which can then be sent out after each service case and which are automatically analyzed. The module also enables spontaneous surveys, which can be used to identify the background of a problem. This is a self-service tool in which the “golden rules” of professional surveys are pre-defined and it can be ready to use within a few minutes.