Silo-Breaking, Silo-Integration

Thinking in silos, in departments, and in vertical responsibilities has helped to accumulate professional know how on a high level. However for a customer with a horizontal view of the company, this is an obstacle. There are different forms of silo breaking. We select the best one for the specific corporate change strategies, and actively help to drive the change.

We break this horizontal view down in such a way that it can be looked at by the different silos. For each of the corporate functions of marketing, R&D, Quality, etc, we supply information that shows how customers perceive the results of their work. Our CNS line of products condenses the customer view, and allows us to dive deeper, wherever the user wants. It comes with Index measures, customer comments and to-do lists, that provide orientation for what to do and what to do first. The real information does not always lie in the most recent data. Often the underlying movement of perception is much more relevant. In some cases the important message is an alarm.