A dashboard is updating you on what and how you are doing. The Metrinomics dashboards accumulate all customer information that are relevant to the day, to the recipient, or to the customer himself. They are meant to give customers a visible presence within the company and shape the corporate reality. The typical Metrinomics dashboard is the customizable CNS ®

Wall Screen Development

Supporting a team of specialists, covering all different information levels (social media, quality assurance, marketing, customer service, etc). Provides a work bench for each team member, creating a 360° view of customers, adjusted to each specific question or problem. Providing the best power of complex data with easy access to details, based on a common logical framework.

App Development

We provide customer data as an update service to an app on a smartphone or tablet, which can be personalized to support individuals in direct customer contact. It has its special strengths in B2B, where feedback must come from only a few persons with high business impact. The information is especially condensed to fit to the reduced screen size and to support in a specific situation.


What has been done by PowerPoint for years is gradually being taken over by interactive reporting screens. They have a number of advantages. They simplify the information flow, individualize the information, shape it to the situation and specific demand, and last not least is interactive. It allows for smooth surfing in an individual way. It swiftly responds to the user and animates to use the data. It offers multiple ways of organizing and illustrating information. It finally helps to nail the information down to the practical event as it responds and reports in real time.

Hosting, SaaS

Metrinomics offers software services in the cloud. Cloud computing is a question of efficiency, whereas security questions set limits. We can work in front and behind the firewall. We comply to all security standards of ISO 20017. We have our security systems and procedures frequently checked by external and customer auditors.