Customer Journey Management Solutions

The customer journey has an end, which is a new contract. There is starts again to lead to the next. What happens in between needs to be managed, with a view towards these points. Metrinomics designs and implements solutions to orient and monitor many activities in every kind of company that has customers.

Subjective Journey Modelling

The customer’s journey perception and touchpoints are defined differently by supplier management and professionals. For internal staff it is as impossible to imagine being the customer as a fish cannot imagine being a dog. The paradox lies in the continuous touchpoint base that both maintain. Suppliers know too much to be able to think like customers, customers are too distant to  be able to think like supplier organizations. Also, they are not interested in doing so, as they have a lot of other important things to do in their lives. To conceive the customer journey from the subjective external view is central, for customer experience management as well as for digital transformation purposes. The result will be the base for an effective business analysis.

Journey analytics and journey segmentation

The analysis and final definition of the customer journey as an algorithm requires a closer look at the data. We look for reference points for data efficiency measures. Which touchpoints are responsible for 50% of decision making, for 75%,  for 85%? We want to take the advantage of seeing things as simple as the customer does. From another angle, we want to understand where customers come from, and where they are heading to when they meet us at any of the touchpoints. We want to be able to segment customers according to their kind of customer journey. This reference will be important to create services that pick customers up and lead their way.

Customer News, Customer Weather

How do customers see us today? What has changed since yesterday? For what reason? In which customer segment? The customer journey is a world in movement. Metrinomics CNS tracks this movement, condenses it, translates it into visual tiles and places these tiles on the mobile or fixed devices of selected recipients. The central element of CNS is the corporate weather report. It serves as the top KPI for subjective quality, seen through the eyes of customers.

Closing The Loop

There is a reason for doing all this. The driving force behind a customer experience program is to improve the business. Managing the path to the goal means we have to close the loop between customer and supplier by a piece of supplier to the customer. Feedback creates action, action creates impression and perception. Finally only perceived improvements lead to engagement. There is no other way. In a customer experience program, the quality of closing the loop is the proof of the pudding.