UNES The Universal Experience Standard

As a reference for any kind of product or any kind of market across the globe, Metrinomics has created and maintains a Universal Experience Standard UNES. It provides customer experience measures across the range of products and services that consumers regard to be important. The measures are country representative for the 12 largest economies in the world.

UNES measures customer experience as ‘quality perceived’ and generates a comparable index for the 100 most important ‘product families’. UNES provides a good insight into the relationship between consumers and the products and services that they spend their scarce and precious money on. Which of them enriches their life and which is a nuisance? How does one product compare to the other? Which kind of products are being seen as similar to mine? UNES provides a vast insight into how consumers experience the world of products and services. Finally UNES supplies a top100 list of performance rankings for different important drivers of customer experience

UNES measures can be used for different purposes:

  • As a reference for synthetic measures of Quality of Experience (QoE), to adjust measures to the constantly moving drivers of customer experience
  • As a source of insight into the composition of Customer Experience of single products in the context of others that consumers use at the same time
  • As a benchmark for any kind of enterprise that measures the experience of their own customers and likes to understand how they perform in comparison with others

UNES values are being supplied as a data stream or can be analyzed in an interactive way over our Metrivox platform.