Metrinomics announced today a strategic partnership with QuEST Forum and P3 Group to provide customer experience management services to the telecommunications industry. The partnership is launched under the name of QuEST WCX, combining the unique capabilities of each organization.

QuEST WCX will deliver end-to-end, unbiased, region-specific analyses of customer experience patterns and quality indicators that will create a new standard for the industry.

This innovative service will provide information from organizational and individual perspectives using proprietary tools from each company including:

  • Metrinomics’ customer experience indicators
  • P3’s on-device wireless performance data
  • QuEST Forum’s anonymous benchmark measures

The end result will be a continuous flow of feedback of subjective quality parameters from telecom end users.

“This unique combination of data will arm wireless service providers, device manufacturers, infrastructure suppliers and regulatory authorities with an end-to-end solution with the potential to revolutionize the way they do business,” said Fraser Pajak, CEO of QuEST Forum.

About P3
P3 Group is a global consulting, engineering and testing services company with a rapidly growing team of more than 3,000 consultants and engineers working to develop and implement innovative solutions to today’s complex technology challenges. It is recognized worldwide as the completely neutral authority on network quality. Using proprietary hardware and software, P3’s innovative and unique smartphone apps combine in-situ customer experience measurements and objective performance data with advanced analytics and strategy to provide critical insights that optimize networks and boost profits. For more information visit

About QuEST Forum
QuEST Forum, a global organization focused on quality and standards in ICT, performs anonymous benchmarking in various aspects of the industry. The organization, proactive in its response to the demands of this ever-evolving industry, has the unique ability to quickly develop new areas of study specific to the needs and interest of their members. Wireless infrastructure, customer experience, handset quality and sustainability are a few recent areas of focus. QuEST Forum also provides certification and accreditation of measures through TL 9000, the ICT Quality Management System standard. For more information visit