Our customer relations

Teaming up

Metrinomics can be divided into two sections: consulting and platform, a service and a product business. In the first section Metrinomics maintains long-term relations with a few global players to develop and run customer experience programs. In the second section Metrinomics caters to a range of medium sized players, mainly in Europe. Metrinomics maintains long lasting partner relations with complementary service companies.

Metrinomics also adds to the professional development of the industry by actively participating in conferences around the world on customer related topics. We are proud to be in the driving seat, in the creation of the first worldwide subjective quality standard.

In our customer relations, we like to see an internal team facing an external team on the customer side. We have had very good results in efficiency and alignment by teaming up between both internal and customer teams. Therefore we follow the same philosophy in the product sector.