COVID-19 vaccination success: looking at it from the end to the start

If there were at least one good thing to come out of the Coronavirus for the human race, it would be the richness of the data. In order to learn and understand the meanings behind data flows from COVID-19, our algorithms have to be developed using approved reality.

Things will be clearer and more transparent for us once the Coronavirus has died down. We will be able to measure the effectiveness of governmental regulations and policies on the growth of the Coronavirus.

However, this is not a mathematical sandbox; it is something that involves the fate of many. So we need to protect those who are at risk. Vaccines are one of those means. But a vaccine needs time; and while we wait for a vaccine we can use live data modelling techniques to simulate the real situation.

Will that make a difference in slowing down the exponential spread of COVID-19?

Starting at the end and working backwards will tell the story. However, you can see it now already! Check out the data flows that we are creating. Could they be useful in speeding up the vaccination development process? Have a look yourself.

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