Coronafon - Let's breast the Tsunami

Coronafon is an app to support local health teams in the poor areas of big cities and in remote areas with difficult access

Coronafon takes people by their hands

Coronafon appears to end users as a phone based nurse that frequently asks for updated health data
  • the body temperature
  • the personal feeling
  • an open text, a comment or demand
For a family manager, there is the possibility to update data for 20 others.
For the local health teams, there is a dashboard to summarize what happens, to show the development and to issue notifications, alarms and actions.
  • The infection monitor
  • The infection locator
  • Patient status, grouping by symptoms and severeness
  • Notifications, messages and actions to take
The idea of Coronafon is to be the ‘remote nurse’ for the patient, to track the development of each individual, to issue an alarm when the conditions fulfill certain rules. For local health teams, Coronafone helps to focus their limited forces on those who need it most, but not neglect all the others.

Creating local structures

Coronafon consists of

  • an app to update health data,
  • of a Family Manager to take care for the data update of others,
  • and of a dashboard for the local health team.

We introduce the ‘Family Managers’ as a new level of responsibility. The Family Manager has a smartphone with the Coronafon app and collects data from people feeling sick, in the surroundings. Whoever feeds data through the app of a Family Manager, is part of the ‘family’ for the time being. A Family Manager can be the center of up to 30 patients.

The Family Manager is the main contact person for the local health service teams, when active intervention is necessary. For that purpose, Family Managers receive messages from the teams or from the system.