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Mobile operators lose a quarter to a third of their customers every year. This is an international phenomenon and providers don’t like talking about it. If you talk to an account manager who is affected by this, you mostly get the answer: “we profit just as much from it because our competitors also lose as many customers”. I can never understand this point of view. Wouldn’t it be more profitable to stop customers moving away than to go to the expense of pursuing new customers. Everyone says yes, but the behavior of mobile operators says no.

Attraction and repulsion in the Americas – The WCX loyalty index

With customers, it is probably always like this: some are not happy, some are ok, others feel they get all they had hoped for, and some just love you.

Customers of mobile telecom providers are not different, but their suppliers are: they constantly try to buy customers away from competitors, which keeps loyalty on a low level and value perception one-dimensional . But even in such a market, loyalty can just come from providing what customers want, as the Canadian provider Telus has shown (Telus are not part of this analysis). Just by not losing customers, they have grown from 4th to 2nd supplier within 5 years.

“Balancing Disruptive Innovation, Customer Experience and Quality”

QuEST Forum’s EMEA Regional Conferences is a comprehensive three-day event, where many of the main players in the industry exchange insight and enter into a discussion, centered around the main business challenges. This year’s event from 23rd to 25th of June. This year, Metrinomics actively contributed, presenting the QuEST WCX Intitiative to create a standardized KPI for subjective quality.

Sankaran Ramanathan’s  of North-America*s Verizon Wireless held the keynote presentation, “Microscopic View of Next Generation Operations”.


The experience is the product

And the customer is the producer.

For a lot of products, the experience with the product IS the product. It it’s the same for package holidays as it is for a phone app, a restaurant visit or a musical greetings card. To manage the situations in which these experiences occur, providers traditionally talk about departments, delivery change, customer service, developing technology and new procedures.