Customer Success Management as IT architecture

In the age of customer success management, customer experience and subjective value perception will become central elements in the corporate data world. For many processes, especially for the orchestration of product and services, these elements will become a reference. This also makes data from feedback at customer touchpoints a reference point for an IT architecture that stores data in a functional way, supporting the development of customer success, stickiness and cross selling. This reference also eliminates the huge data overhead that large amounts of data create because very few non-behavioral data contribute to service orchestration.

Customer-sensitive network technology needs ‘subjective quality’

For many digital products and services, network-based applications are a platform that unites users and their suppliers. The omnipresence of a network infrastructure will be a prerequisite for social and business integration in digital times, with the network itself playing a central role in providing services. Transit data between applications can be an important contextual aspect – only the network can provide that kind of information. Ultimately, I prefer to treat all digitized businesses as a network-based business because the network architecture is actually laying down the ground rules.

HiFi for our customers

High Fidelity – called HiFi – is kind of synonymous with ‘unbiased transmission’, meaning the result of each and every process is a clean product . Translated into the quality of music, using feedback equates to the difference between AM and FM in the good old radio world. AM transmits lots of noise of different origin, together with the sound signal. In FM, noise has successfully and completely been eliminated. What is responsible for this big jump in quality? It is the introduction of feedback as a corrective signal.

About us

Metrinomics is an independent engineering company in the area of customer experience. We provide with Metrivox an adaptable process management platform as a cloud solution. Metrivox is being used in more than 50 countries, and we support our clients in more than 20 languages. Our solutions typically are customized applications of standard tools, either our own or the ones of third parties.

A ‘smart’ business model, as it is seen today, monopolizes the access to customers and sells it to suppliers. The only protection against losing access to customers is to integrate them, engage them, and interact with them. To make them part of a success story that has a happy end for both, with rising business, rising trust, and rising value perception.

Metrinomics builds data driven platforms that create and boost customer feedback, takes care for the quality of data flow, supports customer feedback data users, and measures the (perceived) value contribution of each customer touch point. Our noble task is to condense this into action, if it is in long term B2B relations, or one-in-a-lifetime website visits. The core of all this is our competency in measuring Customer Experience (‘subjective quality’), classifying the context and contributed to the customer’s success.

We offer four kinds of services to our international customers.

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