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Metrinomics is an independent engineering company in the area of customer experience. We provide with Metrivox an adaptable process management platform as a cloud solution. Metrivox is being used in more than 50 countries, and we support our clients in more than 20 languages. Our solutions typically are customized applications of standard tools, either our own or the ones of third parties.

Metrinomics is a consulting company with focus on customer experience in B2B markets. When it comes to set up a running program, we provide services that reach into the workflow and processes of our clients. Our thinking is practical and action oriented. We have seen many programs develop over years, and are able to think end to start. We have a deep mathematical understanding of the interplay of people and topics in B2B relations and purchasing decisions. Our special strength is the activation of C-level deciders to participate in feedback programs.

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Attraction and repulsion in the Americas – The WCX loyalty index

With customers, it is probably always like this: some are not happy, some are ok, others feel they get all they had hoped for, and some just love you.

Customers of mobile telecom providers are not different, but their suppliers are: they constantly try to buy customers away from competitors, which keeps loyalty on a low level and value perception one-dimensional . But even in such a market, loyalty can just come from providing what customers want, as the Canadian provider Telus has shown (Telus are not part of this analysis). Just by not losing customers, they have grown from 4th to 2nd supplier within 5 years.