In most B2B customer relationships, customer experience can be improved. In B2B, people tend to look more at the competition, and allow comparisons. There may after all not be many competitors, and they are the ones with which you are competing for single large orders.

B2B markets are relatively slow. For this reason, keeping perspective is a must. B2B customers can help you to keep an eye on the future. They themselves have customers and therefore provide a good perspective on performance and balanced values. A B2B customer experience programme should, if possible, deliver concrete ideas and suggestions.

This type of information has potential for the future and serves to highlight product innovations. So with new ideas, we can support the customer’s marketing strategy and get one over on the competition.

Measuring customer experience always involves learning from the past. B2B markets are often sluggish and the learning process is slow. But customers are real experts who think about the future. If you activate them, you get a win-win situation.